Omid Shakeri

I have always had a passion for building homes! When I entered college, choosing my degree was easy. I received my A.A. Degree in Architecture, from Fresno City College. Immediately following was my B.S. Degree in Construction, and finally my Masters Degree in Urban & Regional Planning, both from Fresno State University. Since graduating from college, I have also obtained a Real Estate Broker's License.

After finishing my university studies, I worked in several local government agencies in the community development department as a City Planner. During this period of my professional experience, I acquired invaluable knowledge as to how local municipalities function and the processes and procedures necessary for the approval of all the required permits. I also worked closely with developers, engineers, architects, construction companies, and other city staff, building and maintaining professional relationships throughout the Bay Area.

About ten years ago, I left my position with a local government agency to pursue my dream of developing and building homes. I incorporated all of my professional experience (as well as my educational background) and started a company with two close friends. During these past ten years, we have been successfully developing and building residential custom homes throughout the Bay Area.

In 2005, I formed a family of companies - a "One Stop Service Center" - to address all of my clients' real estate needs - Da Vinci Homes, ECCO Builders Inc., and Winsors Real Estate Group. These companies provide services such as building, developing, purchasing, and financing to address all of our clients' housing needs.

ECCO Builders Inc. is a member of this family and provides our clients with high quality construction services at affordable prices.

Amir Shakeri
Vice President of Operations

For the past ten years, Amir has worked in the Construction & Finance fields as a Project Manager & Finance Loan Specialist. Prior to this, Amir worked in the Hi-Tech Industry in Management and Engineering. Amir has a B.S. in Architecture and is a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Amir's diverse educational and professional expertise is a valued asset for our company. He has a high level of technical knowledge, as well as a high level of commitment and dedication to providing our clients with the best service possible.

Arash Saffarpour
Vice President of Field Operations

Arash has over ten years of experience in the construction field. Arash holds a B.S. in Civil and Mechanical Engineering, and he is also a licensed contractor. Arash assures that each of our projects has the best quality and craftsmanship available.


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